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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the practice of increasing traffic to your site through organic search engine results.

Let's take a look at each part of Search Engine Optimization to understand its true meaning.

Quality traffic

Quality traffic is important. You want to attract people who are interested in your products.

Traffic volume

More traffic is more if you have the right people clicking through to those search engine result pages (SERPs).

Organic results

Many SERPs include ads. Organic traffic is the traffic you don't need to pay for.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Traftic can help you rank higher for certain search terms. our SEO specialist will examine the keywords that your website ranks for, compile a keyword wishlist, and then conduct keyword research to create a list that is most relevant for your website and the competition.

Link Building

Ranking higher in search results is a big component of backlinks, but not every link. Traftic is a company that partners with companies like yours that have a dedicated team for link building and connections with relevant and high-quality websites.

Technical SEO

Search engine rankings can be improved by optimizing your website's back-end. This includes improving page speed. These errors can be fixed, which makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site. Your rankings will be even better if you make search engines happy!

Local SEO

According to statistics, 64 percent of customers search online for local businesses. Optimize your Google My Business (GMB), and increase local SEO rankings to attract customers with high intent. To grow your local presence, we optimize your GMB profile.

On-Page SEO

Increase your online visibility and get high-quality traffic. Traftic ensures that our SEO services align with search engines' best practices in order to increase your website's trustworthiness. Our specialists create unique and valuable content, optimize your HTML tags and headlines, and use high-resolution photos.

Page SEO

It is essential to establish brand credibility and increase online exposure. Let us show your industry expertise by partnering with an SEO company. To generate positive ratings and qualified links, we use social media marketing, influencer marketing, and link building.

eCommerce SEO

Your customers will appreciate a convenient 24/7 shopping experience. This will increase client retention. 

Content Writing

Our team of writers can create SEO-friendly content for your website. This includes creating share-worthy blog posts, optimizing existing service and product pages with more information, or both. A website that regularly adds new content to its site is a good choice for search engines. Our company can help you with your content requirements and boost your search marketing.

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Website Analysis

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